Shipping, trade and emissions: Dr Tristan Smith speaks at the UCL Institute of Global Prosperity

Nov 04 2015
International shipping is the system that enables globalisation, the way it quietly and efficiently executes its role has given rise to its labelling as “the handmaiden of world trade”. But this vital enabler of trade, export led economic growth and import of goods fundamental to our standard of living (energy, food shelter) is also heavily dependent on fossil fuels. The consequence being that it contributes a significant and growing share of anthropogenic greenhouse gases.

In this public seminar, Dr Tristan Smith argues that the ‘current policy’ trajectories for shipping are diametrically opposed to the direction of travel that the overall global economy will need to avoid the risk of dangerous climate. His talk will explore the evidence base that can be used to understand both the challenge ahead for the sector, the risks and the opportunities.

Stranded Assets in Shipping

Oct 16 2015
Presentation by Dr Tristan Smith at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. The presentation provides a practitioner, technical and financier perspective on stranded assets in shipping, what could be the possible causes of stranded assets in shipping and a framework to evaluate whether a ship is stranded or not.