Seminar: International shipping GHG policy post-Paris Agreement, recent developments at IMO MEPC and their implications for the sector

May 06 2016

UCL Energy Institute Reader in Energy and Transport, Dr Tristan Smith and Director Safety & Environment, UK Chamber of Shipping, David Balston will look at the recent policy developments at the United Nations International Maritime Organisation (IMO) on the subject of targets for shipping, which was left out of the UNFCCC COP21 agreement. The presentations will look at the consequences of targets and what options exist for shipping to tread in the 1.5/2 degrees pathway, from a modelling perspective and from the shipping industry viewpoint.

UCL Energy Intstitute at the United Nations International Maritime Organizsation’s 69th Marine Environment Protection Committee

Apr 26 2016
Last week saw the first test of the political will enshrined in the Paris Agreement, not just because of the signing of the treaty at the UN headquarters in New York, but also because the same signatory countries convened in London to discuss greenhouse gas reduction measures, inter alia, for the shipping industry. The UMAS team, which included Dr. Tristan Smith, Dr. Simon Davies, Isabelle Rojon and Dr. Nishatabbas Rehmatulla were involved in various strands of work related to the agenda item on GHG reductions from shipping.