About us

Who we are

UMAS is a sector focussed, commercial advisory service that draws upon the world leading expertise of the UCL Shipping Team combined with the advisory and management system expertise of MATRANS.

Our foundations

UMAS is a partnership between the University College London (UCL) Energy Institute and MATRANS Ltd. The partnership creates a fusion between the academic research and innovation generated at UCL Energy Institute with the consulting expertise of MATRANS.

UCL Energy Institute is a multidisciplinary institute within UCL, which is one of the UK’s premier universities and is ranked in the world’s top 5 universities and whose staff and former students have included 20 Nobel Prize winners. The UCL Energy Institute develops and undertakes research in the areas of energy-demand reduction and energy systems, to improve energy security and facilitate a transition to a low-carbon economy. The maritime research capability at the UCL Energy Institute is a direct result of investment by the Research Council UK Energy programme in 2009, into the Low Carbon Shipping – A Systems Approach. The LCS project funded the first cohort of PhD graduates with substantive knowledge on energy and emissions within the maritime sector. The LCS project has been followed by renewed funding, the £3.5m Shipping in Changing Climates project which continues to investigate the scope for greater efficiency of the supply side, rigorously understand the demand side drivers and the interactions between the two.

MATRANS is a boutique management services consultancy working in collaboration with UCL Consultants Ltd. We deliver and promote the services of UMAS to the broad international maritime sector covering the entire maritime stakeholder space.

UCLC is the consulting arm of UCL and the mechanism for deploying UCL Energy Institute’s resources, currently over 120 core staff and PhD students across a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds, focused on energy demand research.